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What to look for when changing accountants

When is the best time to change accountants?

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The Challenge

This creative card-making business found difficulty in getting timely responses from their accountant.

They didn’t need help all the time, but when they did, they needed to be reassured that their accountant would communicate quickly and provide them with advice that would help move the business forward.

These simple things weren’t happening and it caused this growing business to look to change accountants – or at least to see what other help was out there.

As a growing business, you should have access to financial help when you need it.

Without access, you can experience delays in your decision making, leading to a lack of visibility on the road ahead, which can be costly.

Businesses that experience similar frustrations, could be a prompt to change accountants.

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The Approach

This creative card-making business had just secured some big contracts with some large, household retailers.

This was the perfect opportunity to assess where the business was, where it wanted to go, and who was going to help them get there.

What this business needed more than anything else was reassurance. They knew that changing accountants was a big decision and not one they wanted to make again.

Things were moving fast, and the foundations needed to be stable.

This was about getting the basics right and building a relationship that encouraged communication.


From the onboarding, the directors were able to breathe a sigh of relief. Their questions were getting answers and plans were put in place to solve their unresolved business issues.


By assessing their financial foundations and business systems, allowed work to be prioritised by what would have an immediate impact.


There was more communication in their first 3 months of changing accountants than they had had in the previous 2 years. A big weight was lifted.

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The Outcome

The business increased their revenue by 71% in their latest financial year.

In this same period, they increased their profit by 159%.

They are forecasted, and currently on target to have their best ever year in revenue of > £450,000.

““They offer us so much more than our previous accountants. They’re not just numbers people, they quickly learned how our business worked and saw the vision”

Heidi Early, Managing Director of Earlybird Designs

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