Pentins Becomes OutRise

Accountancy is evolving, and so are we.

Why the change?

Pentins was formed back in 1926, the name was based on one of the original accountants, the name has had minor changes over the years, and was suitable for a very traditional compliance based firm. Over the past few years we have changed the way we work with clients, to become much more collaborative, yes we do the traditional compliance work, but we spend much of our time working closely with clients to help them on a regular basis. Focussing on the future more than the past.

Our core purpose has developed to help pioneering business owners achieve the numbers that matter.

There are 3 focus areas that we work with our clients on, to:

  • Achieve Operational Robustness
  • Sustainably Grow
  • Build Business Value 

We have changed our name to reflect this development.

There is no change to the team, or the ownership of the business, it’s just the name that changes.

Our clients want to rise above their competitors and we want to help them rise out with their finance function as a key part of their business.

Over the past few years the feedback from clients is that the types of problems that business owners need help with is changing. So are the ways that they prefer to communicate and collaborate.

We want our clients to feel reassured. They need to know that they can get through to you, when they need you.

They all need better and more efficient finance functions.

They need to feel like their accountants have their back and they can rely on them to deliver robust financial information and help them with difficult decisions.

The types of clients we are helping are all growing businesses, they care about the advice and listen and act on it.

Because there is always a way to find a solution.

The problems that we are now solving are fundamentally different to what they used to be, and this change had to be reflected across our business. 

Together, we will help you OutRise your competitors, and help you grow and create value in your business.

If you are serious about growing your business, you need to be serious about the advisers you keep too.

Welcome to OutRise.