Finance tools for your Business

Do you need a better understanding of how your business is performing? Try out our business financial tools to get a grasp on your business’s current performance. Or get in touch with the OutRise team to find out how to progress your business to the next level.

Business Profit Calculator

Try out our easy-to-use business profit calculator to get an estimate of how well your business is thriving in terms of profit.

Business Value Calculator

How much is your business worth? Use our business value calculator to find out the value of your business in a few simple steps.

Salary and Dividend Combination Tool

The salary and dividend combination tool can help you work out your best Salary and Dividend combination for 2023/24.

Employee & Salary Calculator

Find out how much your employees' salary and the addition of more employees would cost for your business.

Financial Foundations

You need up to date financials you can rely on and manage easily. As chartered accountants, OutRise is here to help.


Growing your business presents its own problems. Overcoming those problems requires its own focus.

Build Value

Building your business' value can be done efficiently if it is done correctly and you measure what matters.