Careers at OutRise

We have a mission to help pioneering business owners achieve the numbers that matter. 

That requires a team that consists of people on the same wavelength. 

OutRise can help its team achieve the numbers that matter to them.

Without this, no one can fulfil their goals.

How we work

Simply put, our mission is to take our team on a journey so that they can grow into a role that will help them be the best that they can be, constantly developing.

Many firms focus on volume of work, timesheets, and have teams that are robotic processors. Our approach is very different, we are a team that focuses on a quality over quantity of clients and works together to help each other help our clients evolve. We grow to become an integral part of our clients finance function so we can really help them make a success of their business. 

What we stand for

The team created our four, cornerstone values that guide us in how to work together and what is required of you to be an OutRiser.

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Experience, Awards, An Expanding Team And More

We’ve been in Canterbury over 90 years and a lot has happened in that time.

We moved to the modern Innovation centre on the University of Kent campus, with its free car parking, and on-site cafe back in 2014. We have set about making it the best accountancy and business advisory practice in the country. 

Since then, we’ve won many awards and received accolades from many national organisations. 

Do you think you are ready to be challenged in ways you wouldn’t have been so far, expand your knowledge and work with a team that cares about growth?