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This collection of resources is designed as a really useful tool set to help you with a range of challenges you may be facing with your finances. We’d be delighted if you would pop any questions you have that aren’t answered here on to a contact form message and we’ll simply create a piece that responds to your query!

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What is the difference between the National Minimum Wage and the National Living Wage?

The NLW is a higher minimum wage rate specifically designed for workers aged 23 and over. It’s a recognition of their increased responsibilities and the higher cost of living.

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What is Pro-Active Accounting?

Most business owners see accountants as an entity that ensures financial records are accurate, financial and data risks are examined, and taxes are paid correctly ...
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How to reduce your tax

You can use venture capital schemes to reduce your tax bills. Here’s how.
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Can you pay for school fees through your limited company?

With the cost of living constantly increasing, you may want to plan ahead for school and university fees.
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Can my business afford to increase salaries and hire new people?

Developing your business can mean reaching new innovations within your industry and expanding upon the services you provide. But, these checkpoints can be difficult to ...
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How To Scale A Business: Scaling Through Growth

Long term success and an increase of profitability can only be achieved by scaling your business efficiently and appropriately. The process of scaling a business ...
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A Guide to Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs)

We are hearing more and more about Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTS). But what are they, how could they work within your business and what do ...
Dividends V Salary

Dividends V Salary

In the UK, there are two main options for earning money via a business. These two options are dividends and salaries.
9 ways to increase cash flow

How do you know if you’ve got what it takes to be a successful Director

Being a director is not for everyone, but it can be extremely rewarding. It takes a very special type of person to be able to ...
Value of a business

Thinking of moving your company abroad? Think again…

If you’re running a limited company in the UK, you may be tempted to move your business elsewhere in an effort to avoid paying corporation ...

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How is a business valued? Calculating the value of an SME business

Why do you need to know the value of your business? As a pioneering business looking to stay ahead, calculating your business’ value can be ...
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Get your finances FIT this January

If you’re like me, you’re probably still recovering from the New Year celebration. But now that we have all recovered from our hangovers and have ...
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Handling your finances as a small business

It’s not easy starting a small business or running one. It takes a lot of trial and error, but eventually you can find the right ...

Business Profit Calculator

It’s simple. Use our profit calculation tool below to understand how much profit your business is making monthly, considering: owner funding, loan repayments, monthly costs ...
PAYE saving time tip

The budget hits SMEs hard – very hard!

17th November 2022: The day the tax allowance stood still! What does it all mean for SMEs (and their accountants)? Well the one thing it ...
ways to grow your business

7 Ways to Grow your Business

In every economy, there are always opportunities in business. It’s about understanding what numbers matter to you and assessing how you achieve your goals.
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My Accountant will sort my tax out – OR WILL THEY?

17th October 2022 was the 35th anniversary of Black Monday, following the great storm of 1987. You could say history is repeating itself.
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Pentins becomes OutRise

Pentins was formed back in 1926, the name was based on one of the original accountants, the name has had minor changes over the years, ...
Employee Ownership Trust

What are Employee Ownership Trusts?

The Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) was introduced to the UK in 2014 in an attempt from the Government to promote employee ownership of businesses. In ...