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This collection of resources is designed as a really useful tool set to help you with a range of challenges you may be facing with your finances. We’d be delighted if you would pop any questions you have that aren’t answered here on to a contact form message and we’ll simply create a piece that responds to your query!

tax losses locked in

Turning the Tide: Reviving a Struggling Company and Leveraging Past Tax Losses for Future Success

For many a small business owner, the allure of a potential acquisition can be overshadowed by concerns about a company’s financial health. If you’re considering ...
extract profits

Extract profits from your limited company using this powerful 3-way tool.

How do you extract profits in the most tax-efficient way? Running a small business is rewarding, but navigating the world of extracting profits tax-efficiently can ...
Growth Shares or share options

Want to keep key people? Growth Shares might be the answer

Growth shares offer a flexible and tax-efficient way to keep your top talent motivated and invested in your company's success. So, if traditional share options ...
Tax Season

Tax Season: Ditch the deadline dash

An inevitable climb, but surely one that can be tackled with grit and determination. There's a secret to making that ascent far less stressful and ...
Service profitability

How to make profitable services focusing on 5 simple steps

How to make profitable services focusing on 5 simple steps. Running a profitable service-based business that runs like clockwork with healthy profit margins can be ...
Business risks of AI

Chat GPT: “What are the business risks of Artificial Intelligence”

Whilst it may seem light-hearted, as artificial intelligence becomes a much more important part of business and how they run, it’s crucial to understand its ...
Profit margin products

Profit margin is key for your product-based business. Focus on these 5 areas to become profitable

You are running or thinking about starting a successfull product-based business with healthy profit margins. There are many moving parts in running a business and ...

Can I entertain everyone?

Business entertainment itself is specifically excluded from tax relief because nobody would ever make a profit from an office party, for example. The only exception ...
pexels vojtech okenka 392018 scaled

What is the difference between the National Minimum Wage and the National Living Wage?

You have your own creative agency business, and you've just hired your first apprentice. You're excited to have them join your team, but you're also ...

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Build Value

Building your business' value can be done efficiently if it is done correctly and you measure what matters.

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How to reduce your tax

You can use venture capital schemes to reduce your tax bills. Here’s how.
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Can you pay for school fees through your limited company?

With the cost of living constantly increasing, you may want to plan ahead for school and university fees.
employee salaries

Can my business afford to increase salaries and hire new people?

Developing your business can mean reaching new innovations within your industry and expanding upon the services you provide. But, these checkpoints can be difficult to ...
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How To Scale A Business: Scaling Through Growth

Long term success and an increase of profitability can only be achieved by scaling your business efficiently and appropriately. The process of scaling a business ...
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A Guide to Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs)

We are hearing more and more about Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTS). But what are they, how could they work within your business and what do ...
Dividends V Salary

Dividends V Salary

In the UK, there are two main options for earning money via a business. These two options are dividends and salaries.
9 ways to increase cash flow

How do you know if you’ve got what it takes to be a successful Director

Being a director is not for everyone, but it can be extremely rewarding. It takes a very special type of person to be able to ...
Value of a business

Thinking of moving your company abroad? Think again…

If you’re running a limited company in the UK, you may be tempted to move your business elsewhere in an effort to avoid paying corporation ...
Value of a business 1

How is a business valued? Calculating the value of an SME business

Why do you need to know the value of your business? As a pioneering business looking to stay ahead, calculating your business’ value can be ...