Building strong financial foundations

The foundations are where everything starts. The financial foundations in your business need to be robust enough to not fall apart, but dynamic enough so that they can adjust as you grow.
OutRise work with business owners to assess, reveal insights and enhance your financial foundations.

Does my business need financial foundations?

Looking at the foundations of your business is always a good exercise, but it is especially important for startups, businesses who are going through change or have big plans for the future. 

Can you, at any time in the month, wholeheartedly answer questions such as:
Can I pay the wages this month?
Do I have enough in the bank to pay my taxes?
How much do I have coming in?
Can I pay my suppliers this week?

You may have a great team which you wish to build upon, ambitious plans for your business to achieve, but need to make sure that you have a secure platform to launch from. 

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Step 2 - set goals

What foundations does my business need in place?

These will be individual to your business and personal goals. Examples can include:

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Steps to achieving your ambitions

OutRise work with pioneering businesses to remove the stressful questions. 

The foundations will change as your business grows because nothing stands still. Typical financial foundations for your business are things like:

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Build strong financial foundations with OutRise


The team work to ensure that all your financial foundations are working in harmony with each other, that there is an efficient system in place to make sure that this part of your business is running like clockwork. Book in a free consultation with the OutRise team to build strong financial foundations and have confidence and the right support in achieving your business goals.

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