Accountants for PR Firms

Where is your profit coming from? Are you effectively managing invoices while maintaining profitability?

There are many benefits for PR firms in outsourcing their financial management to an accounting firm. PR firms typically manage a diverse portfolio of clients, each with unique needs, sizes, and deadlines. These variables can impact the size and frequency of invoices for each client, adding complexity to the management of your finances.

  1. ✨ Calculate your team to fee % ratio – if it is below 55%, review it
  2. ✨ Are your average retainers increasing? They should be
  3. ✨ Ensure your project fees convert into longer-term retained contracts
  4. ✨ Engage with a bloody good accountancy firm to make sure you are staying on top of it and feel supported in generating profit 😌

Benefits of PR Firms Outsourcing their Accounting

Unbiased Insights:

As an external accounting firm, we are completely unbiased, which means our financial insights and data are unbiased too! Your growing PR firm will benefit from unbiased recommendations and fresh perspectives on your financial performance and health.


Every service comes at a cost. However, outsourcing your accounting to an accounting firm can be much more cost-effective than having your own in-house accounting team. And this also allows you to put all your focus on your main PR services.


As an accountancy firm, we are always investing in new technology and tools that can help us and our clients make the most out of the financial data we collect. We can leverage these technologies for PR firms without them having to purchase or maintain them. 

Peace of Mind:

Managing your accounting and financial needs in-house can be daunting and complex. Knowing that a dedicated team of professional accountants are handling your finances for you can bring you and your business peace of mind.

Pro-active PR Firms need Pro-active Accountants

There are two points we always stand by: staying pro-active and making use of efficient accounting tools. These two values may seem simple, but they are a tried and tested model we work with to help our PR clients maintain consistent profitability every month.

Some of our accounting tools are free to use. Try them yourself:

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Free Financial Tools for your PR Firm

Service Profitability Calculator

Our Service Profitability Calculator can help you find out which of your services are most profitable for your PR firm.

Employee & Salary Calculator

Find out how much your employees' salary and the addition of more employees would cost for your PR Firm.

Salary & Dividend Calculator

The salary and dividend combination tool can help you work out your best Salary and Dividend combination for 2023/24.

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