Accountants for Marketing Agencies

Do you know where your profit is coming from? Are you keeping on top of all the ad-hoc invoices and still making money?

There are many reasons companies should hire an accounting firm to handle their finances. Marketing agencies usually have a fairly large amount of clients with a wide range of needs, that vary in size and urgency. This can effect the size and frequency of invoices for each individual client, and can make the management of these finances fairly complicated.

  1. ✨ Calculate your team to fee % ratio – if it is below 55%, review it
  2. ✨ Are your average retainers increasing? They should be
  3. ✨ Ensure your project fees convert into longer-term retained contracts
  4. ✨ Engage with a bloody good accountancy firm to make sure you are staying on top of it and feel supported in generating profit 😌

Benefits of Marketing Agencies Hiring Accounting Firms

Save Time:

Outsourcing your accounting tasks can enable your marketing agency to focus on what matters. Accountants can save time for marketing agencies, giving these agencies more freedom to pursue more clients, develop marketing strategies and deliver their core services.

Scale & Growth:

As your marketing agency grows in size, taking on more employees and more clients, your financials can become a lot more complicated. An accounting firm is equipt to deal with these sorts of issues, allowing your business to scale up and grow without any financial issues hindering your progress.

Save Money:

Hiring your own accounting team is a huge commitment, and can be expensive when all aspects of hiring are considered, such as; recruitment, training, and salaries. Dedicated accounting firms are ready to use straight out of the box, and are equipt to adapt to your marketing agency’s needs.

Accounting Standards:

No matter your experience with accounting, every business is required to meet certain accounting standards. This includes paying the correct amount of tax and being compliant with laws & regulations. For accounting firms, this is a standard they meet and practice every single day.

Pro-active accounting and efficient tools

Being pro-active and making use of efficient accounting tools has been key to helping our marketing agency clients reach their full potential. It may sound simple, but this is the model we work with to help our creative agencies have a profitability of around 55% for team costs to fee, and consistent profits month-by-month.

You can even try out some of our free accounting tools yourself:

When Marketing Meets Accounting

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With Creative Agency

To elevate your creative agency to a valuation exceeding millions of pounds and achieve consistent monthly profits, you’ll need a strategic, forward-thinking team. It’s essential to have convenient access to your accounting firm, who should present your financial information in a clear manner, ensuring your full understanding.

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Financial tools for your Marketing Agency

Service Profitability Calculator

Use our Service Profitability Calculator to find out which of your services are making the most profit for your marketing agency.

Employee & Salary Calculator

Find out how much your employees' salary and the addition of more employees would cost for your marketing business.

Salary & Dividend Calculator

The salary and dividend combination tool can help you work out your best Salary and Dividend combination for 2023/24.

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